M. Naqvi and Associates Inc. have carried out Pre-start Safety Review (PSR) of numerous small and large projects very successfully to the satisfaction of owners and Joint Health and Safety Committees of client Plants.

Our Professional practice is focused on helping workplace parties to achieve compliance with Occupational Health and Safety Act of Ontario and Regulations for Industrial Establishments. A major part of the practice involves Pre-start Safety Review (PSR) of equipment and processes required by Section 7 of Ontario Regulation 581/90, Regulations for "Industrial Establishments". In addition to PSR, if required by the clients, we go further and provide Reports to confirm compliance with entire Regulations for Industrial Establishments.

Services Offered:

Pre-start Health & Safety Review (PSR) of Industrial Projects including Process Safety and Equipment Guarding for Compliance with Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations (Legislated Requirement for compliance with sec. 7 of Ontario Reg. 851/90, "Regulations for Industrial Establishments").

Process review to assist employers, Consulting Engineers, Architects and Planners in planning and designing Structures and Facilities and to implement effective Engineering Controls to minimize property damage and prevent worker exposure to fire, explosion, chemical and physical hazards and assist in compliance with Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations, Energy Act (e.g. Gas/Propane Codes), Gasoline Handling Act, Elevating Devices Act, Boiler and Pressure Vessels Act and other applicable Codes and Standards listed above.

Hazardous Area Classification for electrical installations in and around processes where Flammable vapours, Dusts or Fibres may be produced in air in sufficient concentration to cause fire or explosion hazard.

Hazardous Chemicals and Flammable Liquids: Handling and Storage (e.g. Paint Storage and Paint Kitchen), and Processing (e.g. Solvent extraction and Recovery, Dipping and Coating, Paint Spray Booths, Flash-off Lines, Bake Ovens, etc.) in a safe manner to prevent fire and explosion hazards, minimize property damage and control worker exposure.

Review and Assess Ventilation Systems and local exhaust systems for at source capture and removal of Hazardous Vapours, Welding Fumes, Combustible Dusts and Fibres, etc.

Review of Material Handling Equipment, Hoists, Cranes, Fork Lift Trucks, etc. for compliance with the Act and Regulations. Design of Hoists/Cranes support beams and related structures.

Identification of all Confined Spaces in a Plant and preparing Safe Entry Procedures.

Machine and Robot Guarding to prevent worker exposure to hazards and assure compliance with relevant Codes and CSA Standards.

Assist employers in establishing Safe Lockout Procedures for maintenance of process equipment and assembly lines.

Where Legislated controls for worker exposure are not possible, to investigate and recommend where possible, process controls to afford "Equivalent protection", which is acceptable under section 2 of Ontario Regulation 851/90.

Assist Employers in establishing Health and Safety Policy, developing Programs and Safe Work Procedures as mandated by section 25 of OHSA.

Work Refusal investigations and resolutions.

Accident and Fatality Investigations in Industrial Establishments and Construction Projects to assist in determining the causes and prevention.

Expert Witness Testimony and Technical assistance in appeals and litigation with respect to the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations.

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